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Good News: 5 coronavirus patient healed in Wuhan, including a 87-year-old grandma

The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has been on a outbreak, there are still good news which see 5 patients infected with the virus are cured including a 87-year-old grandmother, according to a Weibo report.

The condition of those patients are critical with fever reaching 38 degrees but fortunately their condition improved through medical treatment. The 5 healed are already discharged from the hospital.

According to the People's Daily Weibo, the grandmother has more diseases than pneumonia, she had acute myocardial infarction in December last year and is in critical condition.  The elderly woman was admitted to the hospital on January 20, and after several days of treatment she is cured.

In the picture published in Weibo, the grandmother was sitting in a wheelchair, covered with red clothing, and left the hospital accompanied by the doctor.

Meanwhile, number of suspected case in China still on the rise as several provinces on lockdown to prevent spreading the virus.



  1. Please keep everyone safe and do not expose yourselves to the crowded areas most especially at the public places. Prevention is better than cure. May God gives us protection and guidance. God bless ��

  2. asan ang source mo sir? you should provide the link of your source unless you are reporting it first hand.

  3. No no no, dont trust a website with no security features such as basic SSL, kung ang website ay naka "http://" lang, most likely garbage ang contents, and has no impression of being true to its ideas, please dont believe this


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