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Light snow falls encountered in low lying area in Ganguo Village of Nantou at 2.3°C

The cold current continues to flourish and Hehuanshan Mountain and Yushan National Park still at snow world that attracts many snow chasers.

However, snowfall below the mountains of Taiwan is not unusual. At the lowest temperature since the beginning of winter, the country's Gangou Village in Guaoxing Township in Nantou which is only 380 meters above sea level has encountered light snow fall.

Strange sight that the car's windshield, roof and roofs of houses are frozen. Owner took photos at 7am found that the temperature was only 2 degrees.

When the owner looked at the thermometer, it was only 2.3 degrees.

The windshield and the roof of the car were actually frozen, and when they looked aside, the ice on the roof of the next house also surprised them.

According to them, this is the first time they experience snow outside of the snow mountain in Nantou.

They said that because the windshield was full of ice, so she had to apply hot water to the rag and remove the frost from the glass before driving to work.


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