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LOOK: Pinay OFW in Taiwan won a Mazda CX-30 grand prize in weiya year end party

Pinay OFW in Taiwan won the Mazda CX-30 grand prize in the year end party or "weiya" the company Win Semiconductor Corporation.

In a post shared in a facebook group, Juritz Guinoran Sumakey just finished the party taking home a brand new car.

Check post below:

A weiya is an annual year-end banquet that is traditionally held ahead of the Lunar New Year as a way for employers to show their appreciation for their employees and is an opportunity for companies to improve the employee-employer relationship. The year-end banquet is a tradition in Taiwan.



  1. mazda 2020 cx 30 is not a replacement of the Mazda CX-3 as the former is based on the larger Mazda 3 platform while the latter is based on the B-segment Mazda 2 platform.

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