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Man won NT$2million from Taiwan's scratch lottery after touching the gold bar at Gold Museum

A man in New Taipei instantly won NT$2-million in a scratch lottery in Taiwan after he reportedy touched a large gold brick on display at the city's Gold Museum, Central News Agency reported.

The man who frequently buy lottery tickets at Yawu lottery store in the city's Ruifang District visited the Gold Museum in Jinguashi and touched the 220.30-kilogram bar gold.

"I touched the huge gold brick at the Gold Museum, and after being blessed, I had a hunch that I would win a prize if I bought a lottery ticket," the man said in Chinese, according to the salesperson.

The last ticket that he holds won the top prize of NT$2 million according to the ticket vendor.

The 220.30-kilogram real bar gold at Gold Museum is one of the big attractions at the museum and many visitors usually touch it in the hope of gaining good luck.


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