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Pharma store in Nantou selling overpriced mask, can be penalized up to NT$2million

There have been 8 confirmed cases of pneumonia virus from Wuhan in Taiwan and people are buying masks as many as they can, but some business operators sell masks on a higher price tag.

The Nantou County Health Bureau Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Control Department said that the store has been taken down due to selling of overpriced masks.

If the allegations are  true, it will be fined from NT$30,000 to up to NT$2 million according to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, ETtoday reported.

The complainant from Puli, Nantou said thas masks are "active carbon medical grade mask" on the price list, but it is actually just a ordinary face mask in which 1 box (50 pieces) is priced at NT$500.

With the same box, online prices are only in between NT$80 to NT$140 per box.

The masks sold by this pharmacy are obviously not medical grade, and the store also admits that the labels on the outside of the packaging are not comprehensive and have been removed.

Stores insists on selling products that do not comply with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, can be penalized NT$30,000 to up to NT$2 million, false advertising is also punishable by law in Taiwan.


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