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SPIL engineer dies while repairing a machine, Pinoy operator part of investigation

A major industrial safety accident occurred in Siliconware Precision Industries in Taichung that result to a death of a worker while repairing a machine.

SPIL Engineer surnamed 'He' was trapped in the machine while it is on running state. When the colleague found it, they immediately stopped the mechanical operation and called for help, but he had no signs of life on the spot.

Investigation shows He entered the automatic transfer machine for repair operation. reported by Central News Agency.

He was trapped by the machine for more than an hour which his head and upper body were squeezed by the machine, reported by Apple Daily.

The industrial safety investigation found that a Filipino migrant worker moved to turn on the power during the maintenance. As a result, human error or mechanical failure still needs to be investigated and clarified.

He has been with the company 10 years, the company will fully cooperate with the police investigation to clarify the cause of the accident and assist the family in handling his funeral. He is married with two daughters.

A lawyer said that if the migrant worker who started the mechanical power supply was found to have committed a crime will be suspected of guilty of negligent death by criminal law. (Photo from Apple Daily)


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