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Taipei to replace all Youbike bicycle with news ones and to run with a upgraded system

Taipei City considers replacing all current YouBike bicycles with new ones with a newly upgraded system according to the city's Department of Transportation.

Public bicycle rental service provider YouBike launched a trial run for the new system and will be called "Youbike 2.0." New YouBike bike stands will be installed at 102 stations in the area.

The upgraded service will feature smart control panels on the infront of the bikes and not in the stands. With this system, users can proceed with the rental process directly by swiping an Easycard or by scanning the QR code.

A panel in the bike itself means more comprehensive network in the future, according to the department.

Youbike 2.0 are painted white and yellow, will also carry a GPS chip and use an automatic locking system. (Photos CNA)


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