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Taiwan confirmed to have the 4th positive patient of the Wuhan coronavirus

The Central Epidemic Command Center confirmed held an emergency press conference at 19:40 on the evening of the 26th that there was an additional case of Wuhan pneumonia that had been moved abroad.

The commander's monitoring contingency officer and deputy director of the CDC, said that the case was a woman in her 50s  who had traveled to Wuhan, China on the 13th to 15th of January.

The woman then traveled to Europe on the 16th to 25th and encountered symptoms of pneumonia as it worsens since then.

On the 25th, she returned to Taiwan from Guangzhou alone and wearing a mask during the flight, she notified the airport quarantine staff when she enters the country.

She was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus and now currently having treatment while being isolated.


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