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Taiwan listed 26 total death due to flu and 113,987 sought medical attention

The death toll of people due to flu in Taiwan already raises to 26 with two people died of seasonal influenza in Taiwan last week, the death toll started last Oct 1, 2019 up to this date (Jan 2020) according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

From Dec. 29 to Jan. 4, a total of 113,987 people sought medical treatment for flu-like symptoms, of which 79 people were suffering from severe complications, according to CDC statistics.

2.85 million doses of government-funded flu vaccine have been used in Taiwan as of Dec 22, 2019. The CDC previously said a total of 5.98 million government-funded free flu shots would be available.

Vaccines can also be purchased for between NT$270 (US$8.98) and NT$450 per dose, according to the CDC. Taiwan's flu season typically starts in October, escalates in November, and peaks around January or February. (Photo CNA)


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