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Taiwan's Jiaming Lake is beautiful on white and silver as snow continues to fall in Taitung mountains

Jiaming Lake, known as "Angel's Tears," becoame a white-silver in color with snow continues to fall in the area, confirmed by the Taitung Forest Management Office. Jiaming lake is located at Haiduan Township in Taitung County.

The Taitung Forest Management Office stated that from the Xiangyang Mountain House to the Jiaming Lake, it was covered by snow.  Jiaming Lake was covered with white snow and the beautiful scenery was a topic of Taiwan netizens.

The Taitung Forest Management Office stated that the Jiaming Lake National Trail has been snowing for 2 consecutive days since the early morning of the 28th. From the Xiangyang Mountain House at an altitude of 2880 meters to the Jiaming Lake at an altitude of 3340 meters, it is covered by snow. 

The first cold wave hit in 2 years, and there was snow in the mountains above 3,000 meters, Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reported.

The Forest Management Department called for the temperature to continue to be low, and the rock formations on the Jiaming Lake National Step Road are extremely susceptible to freezing and slipping.


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