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More than 8,600 chickens culled in Tainan due to bird flu outbreak, 580kg of eggs also destroyed

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A total of 8,624 chickens had been culled in a poultry farm in Yanshuei District, Tainan City, Taiwan last April 16 due to confirmed and highly pathogenic avian influenza or bird flu outbreak.

The chicken farm reported to the city’s Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office that there were abnormal deaths of the chickens at the farm, 560 kilograms of eggs were also sent to incinerators to be destroyed.

The change of weather from spring to summer affects and the poultry farms must improve immunity to them. 

Animal Protection department continue to dispatch disinfection vehicles to the city's poultry farms and surrounding roads to reduce the amount of pathogens in the environment and prevent the occurrence of bird flu outbreaks.

The department has launched inspection and counseling on poultry farms, strengthened various anti-epidemic measures, and hopes to implement the prevention of the virus outside the site.

There have been confirmed bird flu outbreaks at 35 chicken farms in Taiwan so far this year, and recently Tainan has seen an increase of farm outbreaks, the deputy director added.


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