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Pastor Quiboloy: ‘I told the earthquake, stop!’ and we must have to thank him

Apollo Quiboloy reminded us that while earthquakes continue to struck Mindanao, and according to him that he commanded the tectonic plates in the earth’s crust to stop shaking.

Sabi ko, 'Lindol, huminto ka.' Huminto," Quiboloy said on the October 30 episode of "Give Us This Day," which is a weekly television show produced and aired by the pastor's religious sect.

"Pasalamat kayo sa akin kasi kung hindi ko pina-stop 'yun, marami kayong magigiba diyan, mamamatay kayo," he continued.

He claimed that there were witnesses to his alleged earthquake-stopping powers, although he failed to name them.

Quiboloy casting doubt on his legitimacy as the "Appointed Son of God." and he's not finished, “You might say I’m bragging, If that’s your interpretation, then you’ll be sorry.”


Breaking News: Magnitude 6.0 rocks Davao Occidental in All Saints Day

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck 248km Southeast of Sarangani, Davao Occidental at 10:34 this morning, according to Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS).

The earthquake would be the fourth straight in the last 4 days after thr Magnitude 6.6 tremor in Corabato. A series of aftershock were felt in Mindanao.

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Eastern Taiwan to have cool rain; temperature to drop 18 degrees at night

The northeast wind has more precipitation and rain is expected in eastern Taiwan, as temperature might go down to 18 degrees in some cities and counties.

According to the forecast of Central Weather Bureau, significant rainshowers will affect the mention counties and cities as northeast wind will gain strength before the weekend.

Taiwan's eastern half and the northern mountainous areas will have scattered rainfall. 

In terms of temperature, the lowest temperature is at "Hsinchu Livestock Market" at 20.4 degrees this morning (Nov 1). It was still cold in the morning and late at night, with a low temperature of 20-24 degrees.

It was between the north of the Taoyuan and the high temperature of Yilan and Hualien during the day.  South of Hsinchu and Taitung can reach 28-31 degrees, and the temperature difference between day and night is totally different.

In addition, on Saturday (2nd), the northeast wind weakened but on Sunday (Nov 3), the northeast wind increased for 5 days, with more rainfall and colder temperature, while Central to Southern Taiwan willl remain cloudy and sunny.


Han proposed to exempt pregnant foreign spouses from national health insurance draws flak

Taiwan presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu proposed to exempt pregnant foreign spouses from a six-month residency requirement for  Taiwan's national health insurance program.

A government official had rejected the idea proposed by Han.

"Should the threshold of a six-month waiting period be removed (for pregnancy), it would be unfair to patients suffering from disease," said Han as reported by Central News Agency.

Foreign spouses of Taiwanese nationals or Taiwanese citizens without a household registration are required to reside in the country for six months before they can be included in the program, explained by Chen Shih-chung, minister of Health and Welfare.

Assistance with pregnancy checkups and subsidies to the Health Promotion Administration are available and may apply to a special fund under the Ministry of the Interior for foreign spouses.


Singapore MRT designed like traditional Taiwanese bathroom, promotes tourism

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Singapore launched a new carriage design that looks like a traditional Taiwanese bathroom which also aims to promote tourism.

The theme of the promotional design is “Taiwan — Small Town.” The design can be found on Singapore's North-East metro line (Purple MRT line).

Commuters are welcomed by “Taiwan-style slippers" when stepping in the MRT careiage. The doormat says “Welcome to Taiwan.” The carriage design creatively adopts images of tiling, iron bars and plastic ducks to achieve old-style ambience.

Check below photos released by Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore:

Passengers in the MRT can experience the look of a traditional Taiwanese bathroom similar to those typical of old houses in the countryside of Taiwan. The Taiwanese promotion will run until Nov. 11.


IN PHOTOS: Christmasland concepts and designs announced; will last 48 days

The most anticipated Christmas event in Taiwan will be officially open on November 15th. The New Taipei City Government announced today the contents of this year’s event, which will last for 48 days.

Set are world's first "two towers and one tree" laser light sculpture show, the traditional largest projection of the main light projections and the first highlights of eight popular led bridges and create three major lights.

Check below the concepts and design that you will see at Christmasland:

Christmasland in Banquiao, New Taipei opens at November 15th until the day of New Year's Day in 2020.


Taiwan ranked 9th most technological and 13th most digitally country in the world

According to the Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Taiwan has been ranked the 9th most technological and 13th most digitally competitive nation.

Taiwan ranked 9th from 11th last year in the world in technology, and it also improved its overall digital competitiveness now ranked 13th from 17th last year.

The 2019 IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking (WDCR) where the report analyzed 63 countries with 50 indicators in three primary categories of knowledge, technology and future-readiness.

Taiwan also saw a improvement in the business agility subcategory of future readiness.

The top 10 include USA, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Hong Kong, Norway and South Korea. Canada and UAE are the next countries before Taiwan edging Australia and UK to complete the top 15.


Breaking News: Another Magnitude 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Mindanao (Oct 31)

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, the tectonic quake struck Tulunan, Cotabato again with a strength of Magnitude 6.5 today.

Check below tweet from Philvolcs:

This would be the thrid time that Mindanao struck more than a Magnitude 5 in the last three days. Everyone one is advised to keep safe at all time.


Pinoy Engineer mula Riyadh naging palaboy, umuwi ng nawawala ang pamilya pati bahay

Naging palaboy si Romeo Ordaz na isang Pinoy engineer na nagtatrabaho sa Riyadh, ngunit ng umuwi ito noong 2011. Sa halip na masurpresa, wala na siyang nadatnan na pamilya o pati ang bahay.

Trending ang tweet ni @noellemae para matunton ang mga kamaganak ni Romeo.

Narito ang tweet:

“My mother and I ran into kuya today at SM Southmall, his name is ROMEO ORDAZ. He was an Engineer in Riyadh a few years ago. Pag uwi niya ng Manila nung 2011, wala na yung family niya, wala na rin yung bahay nila. He is looking for his parents,” tweet ni Regala.

“He’s been homeless since 2011. He has no idea where his relatives are. He mentioned something about someone taking all his money, all his ipon from working abroad. He knows his parents may be gone, but he still has some relatives in the province,” sulat ni Regala sa isa pang post.

Para sa lahat ng OFW, pamatilihin ang komunikasyon sa ating mga pamilya sa Pilipinas at ugaliing magtira para sa sarili. 

This bowl of Beef Noodles in Taiwan has a tag price of NT$10,000

Taiwan is known as the spiritual home of beef noodles. From cheap night market food stalls to high-end restaurants, beef noodles is everywhere in Taiwan.

Chef Wang Cong-yuan has spent the past 26 years of his life researching and perfecting the noodle soup. Using only the finest ingredients, he created a culinary masterpiece.

The Presidential Beef Noodles had become very popular that Mr. Wang set a price of NT$10,000 for one bowl, the price recommends by his big time customers.

One bowl contains four different kinds of beef. One US prime beef boneless short rib, three Australian 9+ Wagyu beef boneless short ribs, one Angus prime rib, and one Australian beef mixed with tendon.

Each piece of meat has a particular temperature and cooking time for perfection.

'From the age of fourty, I have focused on making a good bowl of beef noodles. It's quality over quantity. My ultimate goal is to make the world's best beef noodle shop' according to Chef Wang.

Of course, there more other menu than the presidential beef noodles but that kind of beef noodles is worth a try. Better start saving for a bowl beef noodles.

Niu Ba Ba Restaurant or Beef Father Restaurant is located at No. 149, Section 6, Minquan East Road, Neihu District, Taipei City.


"Realistic" Duterte face mask goes on sale at Amazon

Amazon is recommends that you may try being President Rodrigo Duterte with this “realistic” face mask that goes on sale.

The “quality latex mask,” as written on the description, measures at 11.1 x 10.9 x 3.4 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces with excellent realistic craftsmanship.

It doesn’t come cheap, though; each mask is priced USD 32.99 or around Php1,700. Though the mask doesn’t ship to the Philippines, just look for a friend in the US to buy one.

Duterte’s spokesman Salvador Panelo said the mask is “amusing” and shows that the President “has arrived.”

“Amusing…talagang tinatakot yung mga criminal eh,” as Panelo told the press.

Aside from President Duterte, the company also offers mask of President Putin of Russia:

Caili's company offerswide variety of over 4,000 different kinds of mask and over hundreds of Halloween decoration props as written on Amazon. They build their own product designs and welcome customer's own designs and specifications. 


Poor air quality expected as dust storm from China affects Taiwan

Air quality across Taiwan expected to be poor due to the northeasterly winds bringing particulate pollution or dust storm from China, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), reported by CNA.

Air quality monitoring stations already flashed red and orange warnings in Taiwan. This indicates unhealthy air for the general public, and the pollution is expected to spread to central and southern Taiwan.

Red and orange warning for air quality means unhealthy air for sensitive groups for people. Advised to wear suitable face mask when going out.

Dust storms bring strong, dry winds bringing a wall of dust reducing visibility from lingering haze.

CWB assured the public that some portion of the dust will be filtered out by a band of clouds and rain and that the impact should be limited, "so people should not worry too much."


Taiwan and Philippines to iron out talks to allow Filipinos work in local dairy farms

Taiwan and Philippines negotiated and discuss several issues involving the welfare of Filipino workers in Taiwan.

Though the agreement was reached on only a limited number of topics, the issued were discussed in a annual labor meeting in Taipei.

Taiwan's government said that it will allow local dairy farms to hire migrant workers, the MInistry of Labor said that the two sides will continue to hold talks to iron out the details so Filipinos can work in the sector.

This measure was implemented following the Ministry of Labor's relaxation of rules governing imported labor to address the seasonal manpower shortage experienced in the agricultural sector.

Officials from Taiwan's foreign ministry, Council of Agriculture and immigration agency are part in the bilateral meeting with the Philippine officials.

According to data of MOL, there were 156,248 migrant workers from the Philippines were in Taiwan as of the end of September 2019.


Strong Magnitude 5 Aftershock rocks Mindanao anew

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), it said that a magnitude 5 earthquake was recorded in Tulunan town in Cotabato, the same area where the magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit a day before.

The strong aftershock woke up residents in different parts of Mindanao.

Yesterday's magnitude 6.6 earthquake was felt at a destructive shaking that feels like intensity 7 around the epicenter.

That earthquake left at least 5 people dead and thousands injured, according to a report from CNN.

An aftershock is a smaller earthquake that follows a larger earthquake, in the same area of the main shock, caused as the displaced crust adjusts to the effects of the main shock.


China dust storm could possibly hit Taiwan on Oct 30 and 31

A dust storm is forcast to possibly hit Taiwan today (October 30) until October 31.

Central Weather Bureau (CWB) director of Meteorological Research and Development Center sourced a dust storm covering a vast portion of eastern China. CWB warned that based on current weather patterns, the dust storm could hit Taiwan.

Dust storms bring strong, dry winds bringing a wall of dust reducing visibility from lingering haze.

CWB assured the public that some portion of the dust will be filtered out by a band of clouds and rain and that the impact should be limited, "so people should not worry too much."

A dust storm is a phenomenon common in arid and semi-arid regions. Dust storms arise when a gust front or other strong wind blows loose sand and dirt from a dry surface.


Cooler and wet weather forecast in northern Taiwan due to strengthening of northeasterly winds

Temperatures in northern Taiwan dropped due to strengthening northeasterly winds that will last until the weekend (Nov 1), according to Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Northern Taiwan includes Keelung, Taipei, New Taipei, Hainchu City and Hsinchu County, Miaoli.

Though it will rebound during the week, daytime temperatures are forecast to reach 24-26 degrees in northern Taiwan, 27-28 degrees in the east and a usual 30-31 degrees in central and southern Taiwan.

Temperature is forecast to drop to 20-23 degrees across the country, according to CWB.

The northeasterly winds will also bring rainshowers in northern and eastern Taiwan. The winds are forecast to weaken by the weekend.

Google to invest NT$26-billion in Taiwan to expand data center operation

Google has received approval in Taiwan to invest NT$26-billion. According to the Investment Commission, Google's investment is aimed at expanding its data center operations and buying related equipment.

Google opened its first data center in Taiwan located at Changhua County in 2013 and it announced last September that it will build it second center in Tainan.

However, the commission is not sharing much information about the new investment. Sources said that Google will make the investment through its British Virgin Islands-registered Kohl Holdings.

Construction of the data center is scheduled to begin at the end of this year in the Tainan Technology Industrial Park.


Philippines listed as the 8th favorite country by a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine

The Philippines arose as the top 8 favorite country in the world by Condé Nast Traveler, a luxury and lifestyle travel guide magazine. 

The magazine described the Philippines as a country where travelers can choose their own private paradise in the idyllic archipelago.

“From chic and luxurious to homely and tranquil: whatever your travel requirements, there’s a resort in the idyllic archipelago of the Philippines to suit you,” according to a report.

In the same Readers' Choice Awards, Boracay was named the best island in Asia, with Palawan also ranking 4th in the same category. It describes Boracay as "as close to a tropical idyll as you’ll find in Southeast Asia, with gentle coastlines and made-for-Instagram sunsets".

Here are the top 20 countries that earned a spot at the Condé Nast Traveler readers most favorite countries around the world:

1. Indonesia 92.78

2. Thailand 92.37

3. Portugal 91.94

4. Sri Lanka 91.79

5. South Africa 91.59

6. Peru 91.28

7. Greece 91.18

8. Philippines 90.63

9. Italy 90.62

10. Vietnam 90.46

11. Turkey 90.15

12. Japan 89.74

13. Mexico 89.7

14. Tanzania 89.62

15. Israel 89.54

16. Colombia 89.41

17. New Zealand 89.11

18. Ireland 89.08

19. Cambodia 89.03

20. Croatia 88.83

The list was released last October 7, 2019. Condé Nast Traveler is a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine published by Condé Nast. The magazine has won 25 National Magazine Awards.


4 dead, lots injured as destructive magnitude 6.6 earthquake jolts Mindanao

Authorities listed at least four people were killed after a destructive magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes parts of Mindanao.

Nestor Narciso, 66, died after he was hit by debris in Koronadal City, South Cotabato, a 15 year old teenage also died due to the quake according to Magsaysay Mayor Arthur Davin of Davao del Sur.

Two others were found dead in Barangay Lanao Kuran in Arakan town, Cotabato province, according to data Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management.

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, the tectonic quake struck northeast of Tulunan, Cotabato with a strenght of Magnitude 6.6.

Intensity VII or listed as destructive shaking was felt in Tulunan and Makilala, Cotabato; Kidapawan City; Malungon, and Sarangani while Intensity VI or very strong shaking was recorded in Davao City; Koronadal City; and Cagayan de Oro City.


Destructive Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Rocks Mindanao

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, the tectonic quake struck northeast of Tulunan, Cotabato with a strenght of Magnitude 6.6.

Intensity VII or listed as destructive shaking was felt in Tulunan and Makilala, Cotabato; Kidapawan City; Malungon, and Sarangani while Intensity VI or very strong shaking was recorded in Davao City; Koronadal City; and Cagayan de Oro City.

Several local government units and offices have declared the suspension of work and classes following the magnitude 6.6 earthquake.

Lots of injuries listed as therewere also reports that died from the destructive earthquake.

Damages and aftershocks are expected, but there is no tsunami threat as the quake hit land, according to PHILVOLCS.


Philippines suggested Broker's Fee should be paid by Taiwanese employers, not the Filipino workers

Taiwan and Philippines negotiated at discuss several issues involving the welfare of Filipino workers in Taiwan that is set in a annual labor meeting in Taipei on Monday.

Though the agreement was reached on only a limited number of topics, as Philippines raised its concers about the brokerage fees handled by the Filipino workers.

The two countries agreed to continue discussing issues related to fees incurred in the hiring of Filipino workers. This is to protect the interests of both employers and employees, according to the labor ministry of Taiwan.

The fees in question include brokerage fees, which the Philippines suggested should be covered by Taiwanese employers instead of the Filipino worker.

Currently brokerage fees are paid monthly that costs NT$1,800 for the first year of working in Taiwan, NT$1,700 in the second year and NT$1,500 in the final year.

Though some big companies, specifically factory jobs already take away the broker's fee.


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