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Be amazed at the kites of Taoyuan International Kite Festival of Taiwan

The 2nd Taoyuan International Kite Festival will be on October 19 and 20, 2019 in the landscape of the Zhongzhuang landscape in the Daxi District of Taoyuan.  

Lead by Asia International Kite Federation, there are nearly 20 kite teams and 100 kite players from different countries like Switzerland, France, the United States, Germany, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan bring brilliant international kite watching, including fairytale kite show and kite air. 

Taoyuan City Travel Bureau said that following the dinosaur theme kite battle last year, this year's "Taoyuan International Kite Festival" was led by Aladdin's magical kite, with theme kites such as fairytale kite show, kite air theater and kite installation art.

 In the fairy tale kite show, the Monkey King will be in the Journey to the West, as well as the Yoyo and Lizard (Doc Croc) in the German fairy tale and many more.

The kite air theater, with the Daxi sky as the stage and the kite as the main character, performs a brilliant drama, including the Shi Yanwen wars Tibetans, Hakka dramas, and horseback riding. In addition, elephants, zebras, and ostriches have turned into kite installations.

The event is located at Zhongzhuang adjustment pool landscape mound, Daxi District, Taoyuan City (Chinese address: 桃園市大溪區中庄調整池景觀土丘) Photos from taoyuan-kite official website.


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