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Eastern Taiwan to have cool rain; temperature to drop 18 degrees at night

The northeast wind has more precipitation and rain is expected in eastern Taiwan, as temperature might go down to 18 degrees in some cities and counties.

According to the forecast of Central Weather Bureau, significant rainshowers will affect the mention counties and cities as northeast wind will gain strength before the weekend.

Taiwan's eastern half and the northern mountainous areas will have scattered rainfall. 

In terms of temperature, the lowest temperature is at "Hsinchu Livestock Market" at 20.4 degrees this morning (Nov 1). It was still cold in the morning and late at night, with a low temperature of 20-24 degrees.

It was between the north of the Taoyuan and the high temperature of Yilan and Hualien during the day.  South of Hsinchu and Taitung can reach 28-31 degrees, and the temperature difference between day and night is totally different.

In addition, on Saturday (2nd), the northeast wind weakened but on Sunday (Nov 3), the northeast wind increased for 5 days, with more rainfall and colder temperature, while Central to Southern Taiwan willl remain cloudy and sunny.


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