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Food delivery drivers in Taiwan earns an average of NT$42,000

According to information shared by a local job bank, food delivery drivers in Taiwan earn an average of NT$42,000 per month, the stated amount is somehow high compared to new graduates salary, reported by Central News Agency.

The amount is determined by 104 job bank data, the monthly pay of the delivery drivers can be a minimum of NT$20,000 but averages is NT$42,000.

There is also reported that a ome food delivery driver reaches NT$180,000, according to the job bank site.

While other do it on a part time basis which are working 3 to 4hrs per day or every weekend amd still manage to have NT$10,000 in a month.

The job bank released its data amid heightened awareness of the welfare of food delivery drivers in Taiwan after there were killed in separate road accidents, per CNA.


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