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Foreign Caregiver Employment Extension in Taiwan Fails to Pass Committee Stage

A draft bill with a goal of extending the time foreign caregivers can legally work in Taiwan has failed to clear the committee stage after lawmakers couldn't agree on an employment period.

The bill is an amendment to Article 52 of the Employment Service Act.

The current law states that migrant workers are allowed to work in Taiwan for a period of no more than 12 accumulated years, but they can apply for an extension of up to two years under special circumstances.

Several members of the Legislative Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee are at to revise the cumulative period of employment for migrant caregivers.

KMT lawmaker Liao Guo-dong is proposing allowing an extension of up to six
years for caregivers, while the DPP's Qiu Zhi-wei is suggesting an extension period of up to nine years.

Further review of the amendment has now been suspended until the party caucuses can reach a new consensus.


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