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Friends and relatives mourns as three Filipinos died from the collapsed bridge in Taiwan

Three Filipinos and three Indinesians are victim of the collapsed Nanfang'ao bridge in Yilan County, Taiwan. Search and rescue operations goes full circle to retrieve their bodies.

Picture from left to right are 44-year-old Filipino Andree Serencio, 46-year-old George Impang and 29-year-old Romulo Escalicas.

Other victims are three Indonesians 29-year-old Wartono, 32-year-old Ersona and 28-year-old Mohamad Domiri.

Families of all the victims will recieve NT$5million from Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd. (TIPC).

The families will receive financial and burial assistance from the Philippine government, and Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) will assist in the repatriation of their remains.


  1. REST in PEACE Mga kababayans...

  2. Rest in peace kabayans...
    Condolence to the bereaved family..

  3. Rest in peace mga condolence sa mga pamilya na nasawi

  4. Rest In Peace mga kabayan 😭😭

  5. Condolence po sa lahat ng naiwan nila napaksakit taLga isipin magtrbho at tiniis malayo tapos ganito mangyayre sa knila 😢

  6. Rest and peace po mga kabayan at condolence po sa mag naulila😢😢😢

  7. Rest in Peace mga kabayan.condolence Po SA mgan aulila


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