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Hiring: Powertech Technology (PTI) in Taiwan to hire production operators, factory workers

Company: Powertech Technology Incorporated
Location: Hainchu, Taiwan
Job Position: Production Operator
Salary: NT$23,100 (P40,000) + OT

Recruitment Agency:
To apply, visit JS Contractor agency at JECI Bldg., 423 Magallanes Street, Intramuros, Metro Manila. According to the agency they will only qccomodate 150 applicants per day. 

Check below ad of JS Contractor: 

Aside from JS Contractor, POEA are also conducting interview for PTI on October 28, 2019 then JS Contractor will follow afterwrads. This job order has No Placement Fee. 

If you are in Taiwan, PTI is also conducting a direct hiring for OFW in Taiwan for those who have expiring contracts. For more information about that, click here. 

About Powertech (PTI):

Powertech Technology Inc. is the parent company of PTI Group affiliated companies. With PTI headquarters located in Hsinchu Industrial Park, Taiwan.

PTI Group is the world's leading one-stop service provider for IC backend services. PTI Group provides turnkey service solutions covering from IC chip probing, packaging, final testing and burn-in to end products with drop shipments to worldwide customers.  

*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency.



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