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Hong Kong might ban internet access after it invoke emergency powers

The implementation of emergency powers might shutdown the internet access in the region become more like that in mainland China.

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam and its local government already invoked at emergency powers that bans face masks in protesters.

The Emergency Regulations Ordinance (ERO) of Hong Kong on any occasion may consider to be of emergency or public danger, may make any regulations whatsoever which he may consider desirable in the public interest.

With ERO, it may be a action to further restrictions, not least on Hong Kong’s communication networks.

It has been an almost 4 month of non stop protesting in Hong Kong against the extradition bill. The protesters chanted anti-Beijing slogans and clashed with police officers.

When the emergency powers have implemented, protesters began to urge people to download virtual private networks(VPN) which are used for internet controls like blocked or blacklisted websites. (Photo from Reuters)

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