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Japan to hire Filipino English Teachers with salary around Php1.9 million per year

Japan government announced that it opens new slots for the 2020 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program, specifically the Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) positions. The salary is up to 4 million yen (Php1.9 million).

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) main’s job function is to assist Japanese teachers of English language. Below are the main duties of ALT’s in Japan:

•Assist in preparation of teaching materials

•Organizing cultural or international exchange programs

•Participating in extracurricular activities

•Assisting with classes taught by JTEs/JTLs

The more the years you are working as ALT, the more salary you can have for 1st year of appointment – approximately 3.36M yen (Php1.6 million), 2nd year–3.6M yen (Php1.7 million), 3rd year –3.9M yen (Php1.87 million), 4th yr and above years –3.96M yen (Php1.9 million) per year.

Though the above mention salaries are remuneration and are subjected by Japanese incomes taxes. The travel expenses of successful applicants are covered by the government but own expense in terms of cost of living.

ALTs can bring their families to Japan and the visa process for bringing them to Japan will more easier. Downside is no additional allowance will be given to anyone who wishes to bring their family.



  1. Is there a link where i can apply?

  2. Where can I apply ? Is there any link?

  3. this an unknown link and consider a fake news, or well syndicated people who'll ask you money...

  4. Can you please send me details

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  6. I once had a Japanese student who is a teacher in Japan. He offered me to work there as an assistant english teacher, and the salary he told me was about 100k/month.


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