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"Lets Kill This President, Charot!" line by UP Skimmers draw ire from Duterte Supporters

A cheer routine by the Skimmers of the University of Visayas draw ire from different supporters by President Duterte after their lines in the performance include "Let's kill this president charot!"

The organization is "composed of students taking up BA in Communication and Media Studies and BA in Literature" and it was a part of a competition of UP Visayas' Pahampang Season, according to the statement of the Skimmers' facebook page.

The performance includes press freedom, media killings, and exploitation. It also have lines about issues on West Philippine Sea, Rice Tarrification Law, Memorandum that removed Filipino and the Philippine Constitution as core subjects in college and the government's call for mandatory ROTC.

The line "Let's kill this president charot!" obviously did not sit well with Duterte supporters who have their own attacks agianst the Skimmers wccording to reports.

"Let’s kill the President daw? Yan na ba talaga ang tinuturo nila sa University of the Philippines ngayon?'." in a facebook post by Mocha Uson.


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