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Migrant Fishermen in Yilan Bridge Collapse to Receive Priority; Transfer to Factory Jobs

According to the Ministry of Labor of Taiwan, it will grant migrant fishermen affected by the collapsed Nanfang'ao Bridge the priority who are looking to move to factory jobs to a extended period in which to find work.

The ministry's Cross-Border Workforce Management Division, the paper work for five of the 14 Filipino fishermen injured in the bridge collapse can transfer to factory jobs and will be issued soon.

Division Deputy Director Paul Su says once they have their paperwork, they can register for factory jobs and if they don't find jobs within 60 days, his office will allow them to extend the period for another 60 days.

"Once they have their paperwork, they can register for factory jobs." Su said.

One of the five fishermen who has filed paperwork for a change of employment
is being quoted as saying the trauma from the bridge collapse was one of the main reasons he wants to transfer to a factory job.

Three Indonesian and three Filipino fishermen were killed when the Nanfang'ao Port bridge collapsed into crushing three fishing boats and leaving another 18 other migrant fishermen injured.


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