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Staying Single Is The Secret For Long Life Revealed By The 107-Year Old Woman

Louise Jean Signore who live in New York I now 107 years old and maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. She believed that the secret of reaching a long life is staying single.

“I think the secret of 107 (is) I never got married. I think that's the secret” according to Louise Jean Signore. She is now enjoying her life for more than a century.

She also say that “My sister says, 'I wish I never got married'”

Their family also reveal other tips “Italian food. Italian food is very good for you. I was brought up with very good food. No soda, no cake.”

“If they have exercise, I do the exercise. If they have dancing, I dance. I still a do a little dancing. After my lunch, I will play bingo, so I had a full day” she added.

According to reports, she’s legally blind, recently overcame pneumonia, and at 103 survived an assault and robbery in her apartment building. Those challenges make her more stronger.

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