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Study: Working together with friends makes less productive on the job

There is a good working place if you your friends are in the same place working together. This would probably make the working time much faster, but according to a research study it decreases the productivity level of a worker.

Dr. Sangyoon Park, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Hong Kong, studies people’s productivity levels. His research study focused on the productivity of a seafood processing plant in Vietnam.

“It’s a setting where workers can see how others are working. In certain cases they have an opportunity for chit-chat, but they can also learn how to do the processing task from the workers.” Dr. Park said, as reported by ABC News.

“They’re somehow willing to forego money to socialize with their friends at work.” Dr. Park added. “They perceive working next to their friends as a type of benefit that’s not compensated by financial incentives.”

The result from the study shows that a worker is 6 percent less productive when working next to their friends rather that working across from one another because they socialize more while in the same position.

“Workers who have low conscientiousness not only have larger productivity declines, but they’re also overall more likely to choose to work next to their friends” explained by Dr. Park.


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