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Taiwan and Philippines to iron out talks to allow Filipinos work in local dairy farms

Taiwan and Philippines negotiated and discuss several issues involving the welfare of Filipino workers in Taiwan.

Though the agreement was reached on only a limited number of topics, the issued were discussed in a annual labor meeting in Taipei.

Taiwan's government said that it will allow local dairy farms to hire migrant workers, the MInistry of Labor said that the two sides will continue to hold talks to iron out the details so Filipinos can work in the sector.

This measure was implemented following the Ministry of Labor's relaxation of rules governing imported labor to address the seasonal manpower shortage experienced in the agricultural sector.

Officials from Taiwan's foreign ministry, Council of Agriculture and immigration agency are part in the bilateral meeting with the Philippine officials.

According to data of MOL, there were 156,248 migrant workers from the Philippines were in Taiwan as of the end of September 2019.


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