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Taiwan Offers 50% Discount To Enter The National Forests From Oct 10 to 13

The Forestry Bureau of Taiwan will have a offer of 50% discount on entrance admissions to the 13 national forest recreation areas around Taiwan from October 10 to 13 during the four-day, Double Ten Day holiday.

The 13 national forests include:
1. Taipingshan 
2. Neidong 
3. Dongyanshan 
4. Manyueyuan 
5. Dasyueshan 
6. Basianshan 
7. Aowanda 
8. Alishan 
9. Kenting 
10. Shuangliu 
11. Jhihben 
12. Fuyuan 
13. Chihnan 

Health-enhancing negative ions and phytoncides is several times higher than in the city in the listed national forest of Taiwan. Wulai Trolley in Wulai along New Taipei offers NT$30 discounted entrance fee on the said holiday. 

The public are encouraged to go to the national forest parks during the holiday to relax away from work and to have more bond with families and friends.


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