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Taiwanese employers wants to disqualify caregivers who are unfit to their jobs

Taiwanese employers of migrant caregivers or caretakers are calling on the government to create an evaluation mechanism to disqualify or prohibit workers that are believed to be unfit in their jobs.

About 20 to 30 phone calls a day for employers complaining about their foreign caregivers according to Taiwan Foreign Worker and Employer Group, a group that advocates employers rights.

One member mentioned that a caregiver allegedly put a wheel chaired elderly in her care under the sun for about two hours and the caregiver is only seen playing with her smartphone, the elderly nearly died from cardiac arrest.

Apparently, there is no review mechanism to check caregivers who are unfit to care for others, once a migrant caregiver files for a transfer to another employer, that person must find a new job before his or her former employer can hire a replacement.

According to the group, that kind of policy are extremely unfriendly to employers and to their families and are calling the government to change such rules.

The Ministry of Labor said that it would cancel a migrant worker's right to work in Taiwan and ask to leave the country whenever the employee have violated Taiwan’s laws.


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  1. Why don't you disqualify rather a recruitment firms that hired ineffective caregivers. It is not a faults of caregiver, just put the blame to the broker's who hired caregiver without thorough screening. Besides, are you as employer's, abide the law set by labor? No, right!? Some of you here are asking illigal works from your caregiver, don't you? Employer's will disqualify too in hiring foriegners for being abusive, and giving illigal works to the worker. Both parties must done an investigation who will be punished for this case.


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