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Taiwanese owner described his migrant fishermen crew as "like my family"

"Like my family" this the described statement of the Taiwanese owner / employer to his fishermen crew of the fishing boats that were crushed and sudued when a old bridge suddenly collapsed in Yilan, Taiwan.

There were 12 people sent to a nearby hospital and 6 initially missing which currently 5 out of 6 were dead. The boats namely Hsin Tai Sheng No. 366, Hsin Tai Sheng No. 266, and Hsin Tai Sheng No. 33 are crushed during the collapse. 

"The fishermen are like my family members. It doesn't matter if the ships have to be destroyed" said Chang, the owner of the ships. 

"They only have meetings and do not take action. Why are my boats just sitting there? My people are still trapped below." he added. Rescue efforts in the water involve safety precautions as it is still on going until they find one more body.

The victims who have been identified are Indonesian 29-year-old Wartono, 32-year-old Ersona and 28-year-old Mohamad Domiri. Filipino nationals 43-year-old Andree Abregana Serencio and 47-year-old Filipino George Jagmis Impang, one more Filipino is still missing.


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