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Teen suffers loss of eyesight after habitual eating of fries, chips and other unhealthy foods

According to the report from the doctors in UK, a Bristol-based teen suffered irreversible eyesight after habitual eating of chips, white bread and processed snacks and meat in all of his meals.

The teenager, now 19, has been a fussy eater from an early age and unable to tolerate the texture of eating fruits and vegetables. His poor diet caused him to suffer from nutritional optic neuropathy, which is treatable if diagnosed early.

When he was 14, he already felt that there is wrong in his eyesight as doctor told that the he has severe vitamin deficiency and advised to change his diet. Though the teen refused to follow the doctor’s order.

In his case, fibres in his optic nerve have been badly damaged that the harm to his sight has been judged to be permanent. “His sight went downhill very fast – to the point where he is now legally blind” according to the teen’s mother.

The teen allowed the Annal of Internal Medicine to publish his case so that other people can be aware on what will happen when having a poor and lackluster diet.


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