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Tourist in Taiwan may face a penalty up to NT$130,000 for touching a wild turtle in Pingtung

A tourist in Taiwan was charged and may penalized by Pingtung County authorities for disturbing a wild turtle in its natural habitat at Xiao Liu Qiu or Lumbai Island in Pingtung.

The tourist is classified as a German teenager as the teen share a photo touching and disturbing a wild turtle around the area. The boy uploaded the photo in social media showing him touching a wild turtle.

Per reports, the incident happened at 02:00pm and authorities were alerted at 02:50pm. The teenage boy was charged and his case was sent to the Pingtung District Court's Juvenile Division right the same day.

Written on Taiwan’s Wildlife Conservation Act, the tourist actions violated the Article 18 and, if found guilty of harassing protected wildlife and may face a penalty between NT$60,000 to NT$300,000.

Taiwan is strict in protecting its wildlife as authorities urged the public to report anyone that violates Taiwan’s Wildlife Conservation Act by dialling 118.


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