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Filipino migrant workers who entered Taiwan test positive with COVID-19

A Filipino migrant worker (Case #473) in his 40s who entered Taiwan on July 15 was tested July 29 after coming down with diarrhea while in quarantine on July 27, and his results came back positive Saturday, according to Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

Case #473 reported his symptoms to the health authority and took a COVID-19 test on July 29. Infection with COVID-19 was laboratory-confirmed as positive in the case on August 1.

Meanwhile, another case of Filipino worker (Case #470) who flew from the Philippines to Hong Kong on July 18 and boarded a vessel that set sail for Taiwan that docked in Taiwan on July 30.

He was quarantined on the vessel in a cabin by himself starting July 20 after learning that a COVID-19 test he took in Hong Kong came back positive. He was tested again in Taiwan after arriving, with the results also positive, but he was asymptomatic. (By CNA)

Of 474 confirmed cases in Taiwan, 382 are imported; 55 are indigenous; 36 are naval crew members aboard the Panshi fast combat support ship, and 1 case has an unknown source of infection, data from CDC.

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