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Panic buying of face masks starts anew as cities in Taiwan mandates mask wearing again

The increase of imported COVID-19 cases in Taiwan has caused panic among the public and there were several reports of panic buying of face masks happening.

Taiwan cities of Taipei, New Taipei, Tainan and Taichung have reintroduced mandatory mask-wearing in certain indoor places sparking fears of a resurgence of local infections.

Tiwan Health Minister Chen Shih-chung reiterated the CECC's guidelines that people should wear masks in enclosed spaces and venues where there are large numbers of people.

Chen said that with fewer people in Taiwan wearing masks in public, the chances of a COVID-19 resurgence will increase.

There were even reports of people who went to several pharmacies and still unable to buy face masks. Hugh demand for the face masks had been on the decline and the supply of the face masks was very stable in the recent past.

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