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Philippines shows interest in participating for Taiwan's Adimmune COVID-19 vaccine

Philippines and dfove other countries shiws interest in participating on the clinical trials during the Phase 3 of Taiwan-based Addimune Corporation.

If the current round of human trials for the AdimrSC-2f vaccine (COVID-19 S-protein) go successfully, it could enter Phase II trials by November according to Adimmune chairman Steve Chan.

Addimune is the first in the country to receive approval from Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration to conduct human trials. The first stage of the human trials is expected to take place at National Taiwan University Hospital with about 60 healthy participants.

The other coutries interested are Singapore, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Turkey.

Addimine Corporation is principally engaged in the research and development, processing, manufacture and trading of influenza vaccine products and non-flu vaccine products and Adimmune's product is still ahead of Asian rivals.


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