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Taiwan announce new imported COVID-19 case which came from the Philippines again

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced one new confirmed imported case of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Taiwan. The case (Case #476) is an over 50-year-old female who resided in the Philippines for long time (the last time she departed from Taiwan was in January), Taiwan CDC reported.

The female case returned to Taiwan by herself on August 2. The case developed a fever on July 30, but she didn’t seek medical attention in the Philippines. She reported her symptom on the health declaration form when entering Taiwan. 

Furthermore, she was found to have a slightly elevated temperature (37.7°C), a productive cough, and muscle pains upon entry. 

After she had her specimen collected at the airport, the case was taken to a group quarantine facility. Infection with COVID-19 was laboratory-confirmed in the case on August 4.

The CECC reported that a cumulative total of 82,337 cases related to COVID-19 have been reported in Taiwan among which COVID-19 has been ruled out in 81,228. Of these reported cases, infection with COVID-19 was laboratory-confirmed in 476 cases. Of 476 confirmed cases in Taiwan, 384 are imported; 55 are indigenous; 36 are naval crew members aboard the Panshi fast combat support ship, and 1 case has yet to be clarified.

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