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Taiwan Foreign Minister warns: China turning the island into the "next Hong Kong"

Taiwan's foreign minister says China is trying to turn it into another Hong Kong as the island faces an increasingly difficult position and pressures to accept conditions.

Foreign minister Joseph Wu said Taiwan lives under the constant threat of having its freedoms taken away by China, told visiting US Health Secretary Alex Azar.

"Our lives have become increasingly difficult as China continues to pressure Taiwan into accepting its political conditions, conditions that will turn Taiwan into the next Hong Kong," Wu said.

"The people of Taiwan are all too familiar with dealing with threats, be it military, diplomatic or the threats of epidemics."

China has suggested Taiwan could be granted a version of the “one country, two systems” model it uses for Hong Kong but President Tsai Ing-wen repeatedly said that the island is a free and democratic country.

Tsai rejects Beijing's stance that Taiwan is part of "one China" and instead views the island as "already independent".

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