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Taiwan mandates public to wear face mask on the country's main eight public venues

Taiwan announced mask-wearing will be compulsory in the eight oublic venues anywhere in Taiwan as instructed by Health Minister and Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head Chen Shih-chung.

The places where mandatory wearing of mask are implemeted:
1. Schools
2. Places of worship
3. Medical and health facilities
4. Public transports
5. Venues of entertainment (KTVs, sports centers, nightclubs, bars, amusement parks)
6. Cinemas and concerts
7. Markets (night markets, shopping malls, farmers markets)
8. Large social events

Chen said the new regulations will take effect immediately. He expressed hope that the public will respect the regulations and continue to maintain social distancing as well as personal hygiene, Liberty Times reported

Meanwhile, Tainan implemented a compulsary wearing of mask to all indoor places as instructed by their Mayor.

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