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Taiwan to implement stringent wearing of face mask anew in confined public places

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that there are 7 new cases of COVID-19 cases on August 1st. A total of 382  imported cases  have been listed while number of local cases remains 55.

People in the medical profession have successively expressed their opinions about the epidemic in Taiwan.  The epidemic situation abroad is indeed getting worse.

In crowded areas, it can be seen that everyone "almost" does not wear a mask.  Health minister and CECC head Chen raised a special placard eagerly persuaded the citizens in Taiwan to wear mask.

The command center will also discuss with relevant ministries to implement more stringent mask control behaviors.

Minister Chen also honestly said that almost everyone is not wearing a mask seeing 3 out of 10 are not wearing mask in public places. CECC recommends to strict wearing of mask in confined spaces or indoor areas specially in piblic places.

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