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14℃ recorded in Taipei's Daan District and in Taoyuan's Yangmei District today

The lowest temperature on the ground in Taiwan was 14.1 degrees in Taoyuan Yangmei and low temperature in Taipei's Daan District was also 14.9 degrees reported by Central Weather Bureau.

The wave of cold air was the coldest in the early morning of today (Nov 29). There will be less rain for today.

However, on the evening of 12/1, there will be another northeast monsoon going southward, and Northern Taiwan was expected to go down 14 degrees in open areas.

The coldest temperature today was 14.1 degrees at the Observation Station in Yangmei District, Taoyuan City, and 14.9 degrees in Daan District, Taipei. 

Low temperature also for south and east of Taiwan about 16-18 degrees, daytime temperature in the north and east will be l 21-23 degrees.


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