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82 year old man overstayed in Taiwan for 36 years, to sent back to his homeland

Taiwan's National Immigration Agency (NIA) is now preparing to send a 82 year old man to sent back to hos homeland to Japan who is reported that overstayed by 36 years in Taiwan, reported by CNA.

The immigration agency found out that he had entered Taiwan in 1983 on a tourist visa and had never left Taiwan, he also never applied to renew or have a residency permit.

The Japanese man is living in a hill in Fuli, Hualien County countryside (Photo CNA)

A resident reported to the authorities that a man had been living in poverty as they paid him a visit. Hori could not speak Chinese instead he explain his side in broken english.

According to CNA, he already forgot where he was living in Japan and lost all contacts to his relatives. NIA is preparing the old man to be sent back to Japan.


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