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"Anal sex, orgasms" thought in grade school in Taiwan? Han's wife claimed it and has evidence

Lee Chia-fen, wife of Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu claimed that she had evidence that elementary school in Taiwan are being taught about "anal sex" and "orgasms," reported by Liberty Times.

Taiwan government officials and elementary teachers have denied her accusations.l regarding the issue.

Lee claimed that she had videos from mothers of students that showed third grade students being taught about "anal sex" and sixth grade students being instructed about "orgasms," according to reports.

Taiwan's Minister of Education said that "none of this content" exists in primary or secondary school textbooks and the minister 
criticized Lee for being a public figure who "does not verify and cites unknown sources of information," which is a "malicious insult to educators."

Taiwan's Ministry of Education also issued a rebuttal to Lee's claims by saying that they are "malicious fake reports about sex education" that are "deliberately causing social panic and twisted education" posted on facebook page.

The Ministry said that "gender equality education should not be reduced to a political ploy" and asked politicians to halt smear campaigns and the public to stop spreading false rumors and bogus videos. (Photo from CNA)

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