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ARC number formatting will be changed starting next year for foreign residents

The government's plan to change the ARC number format will match that of the Taiwan national ID card and will be implemented starting October 2020.

According to the National Development Council (NDC), the issue of the ARC format has been a troubling one for foreign nationals in Taiwan and has been raised many times by the foreign chambers of commerce.

After the change, ARC and Alien Permanent Resident Certificates will have one letter and nine digits, same as on the Taiwan ID card, instead of two letters and 8 numbers.

In response, the head of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan says it's a
welcome change, as it would give foreign nationals greater access to online services which often do not accept the current format.

When the plan takes effect, about 1 million ARC and APRC holders will be issued the new numbers starting next year. (Photo by CNA)


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