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Philippine Airlines engine ignites fire on air; Pinoy pilot earn praise for safely returning to airport

A Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight was forced to return to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after the engine of the aircraft caught fire shortly after takeoff.

Flight #PR113 bound to Manila was seen spewing flames from one its engines after takeoff. The fire in the engine was due o mechanical issue according to LAX spokesperson. 

Some of the 347 passengers began screaming, while others started crying though no serious injuries were reported.

Captain Triston Simeon was the pilot of the aircraft and he earned lots of praise after bringing all the passengers and crew to safety at the airport. Hats off to the captian!



  1. Wait a minute. Isn't he responsible for checking all details such as safety of the plane before take off?

  2. That is indeed one of his responsibilities, but do you know the reasons why the plane caught fire?

    1. the material used in the engine is combustible


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