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Possible snow fall in Taiwan mountains on Thursday (Dec 5) as cold front arrives

The first wave of snow fall in winter is coming in Taiwan mountains, 'chances' of snow fall at Mt. Yushan and Mt. Hehuanshan may occur at night of December 5, in a report by Central Weather Bureau.

The cold air mass of the winter approaches Taiwan and winds increases, temperatures in northern Taiwan could dip to as low as 13 degrees and possibly 12 degrees in coastal areas.

Yushan forecast to have -7 to -9 temperatures while Hehuanshan will have -3 to -7. With enough moisture on the mentioned date, snow will likely to fall.

Snow fall is the forecast because it is expected to bring more moisture, Yushan and Hehuanshan could 'possibly' see the first snowfall of the winter in Taiwan, reported by ETToday.

The two coldest time points will fall on the Thursday night (Dec 5) and early morning of Friday (Dec 6). Expect a sharp drop on temperature and form cold waves.

The cold temperature will also have rain fall, making it mountains of Yushan and Hehuanshan may have the first snow fall is there is moisture for snow to fall.


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