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Coach asked Pres Duterte to make SEA Games free to public to maximize home court advantage

Monico Puentevella, President of Samahang Weightlifting ng Pilipinas is requesting President Rodrigo Duterte to make venues for the SEA games for free to maximize home court advantage and full support for athletes, in a report by Philstar.

“After watching the exciting football match between our team drawing Cambodia with only half the stadium filled with cheering football Pinoy fanatics, I’m sure there were many more waiting outside who wanted to just experience the Games but couldn’t come in because they couldn’t afford the tickets,” said Puentevella.

Puentevella pointing out that this is not the time to commercialize the event instead this is the time for an all out support.

"Outside the Opening and Closing ceremonies and probably our national sport, basketball, it’s about time we free all the Games before the official opening. I’m sure the President will approve this for the sake of the sport-loving masses,” he said.

Everyone is looking positive that President Duterte will allow the request from the former Philippine Olympic Committee chairman and Philippine Sports commissioner.


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