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Congestion in Manila costs lives as lots of ambulance stuck in heavy traffic

Traffic jams and congestion in roads of Manila looks like an unending problem in the Philippines. It costs so much lives as ambulances stuck in traffics as patients race against death just to reach the hospital.

"You feel empty. It is as if you were not given a chance to do everything in your capacity to help," ambulance driver and paramedic Joseph Laylo told the associated press.

Laylo says one patient died inside his ambulance on a heavy traffic. "It was about 5.7km. Normally it would take us less than five minutes, but it took us 15 minutes that time," Laylo explained.

At peak hours, the main roads of Manila are too congested with lots of idling cars that looks like a big parking lot with a 25km drive takes three hours to reach. Accoding to the Japanese government funded study, Philippines losts US67million per day in productivity.

Manila has a regulation that one lane is for reserved for emergency vehicles but according to a one official, "Some people simply do not care. It is as if they are the only residents of this world."

Since infrastructures in Manila has not kept up and population in the city become doubled, traffic congestion in Manila is a big problem. The city has a limited system of rail for commuter as public jeepneys, buses and cars increased. (Photo Strait Times)


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