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Enjoy a scenic spot with the amazing transparent bridge deck in Taiwan's Taoyuan

A magnificent scenic spot through a glass bridge deck that makes you like walking on the sea.

The bridge deck uses three layers of tempered glass, which can bear about 300 kilograms per square meter. It is designed and constructed according to the dam standard. 

The overall design is compact, the type and color are matched with the pool, and the vertical waters of the pool can be seen.  It is integrated with the green hills on both sides of the bank and the green fields on the right side of Zhongli.

Visitors should pay attention to safety when having photos ops and enjoying the scenery. The glass bridge deck is located at 335 Zhongshan Rd., Daxi District, Taoyuan, Taiwan 22之9號.

Nearby attractions, includes the Mesona which is part of the flower festival in Taoyuan, also in Taoyuan is the Xiaowulai Scenic Area of ​​Fuxing District and the "Sky Trail" hanging above the Xiaowulai Waterfall.


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