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Family Mart starts selling veggie burgers for health conscious customers

Veggie patties or plant-based burgers from Beyond Meat started selling at Family Mart across Taiwan, reported by Central News Agency.

Beyond Meat claims that their plant-based patties contains equal protein levels from animal counterparts, no cholesterol, less saturated fats, gluten and GMO free.
Photo CNA

Apparently, veggie burgers and other vegan foods have been unsuccessful in the fast food industry to date. Though Beyond Meat is one of the companies that have saved veggie food from total collapse.

Beyond Meat has seen ita products in KFC, MOS Burger and TGI Fridays. FamilyMart said that they will monitor how well the product sells before deciding if it stays on the store, per CNA.

According to Beyond Meat, they make meat from plants to improve human health, positively impact climate change, address global resource constraints and improve animal welfare.


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