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Groups in Taiwan planning a big rally to recall Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu by December

Groups who are seeking to recall Kaohsiung mayor and presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu are planning a big rally next month.

The Wecare alliance said that they will hold the event on December 21st to gather support for their recall bid against the current mayor.

The group will march from the Kaohsiung Cultural Center, across Wu-fu Bridge going to Da-yi Street as they are hoping to attract more than 100 thousand people to take part in the big rally .

Wecare alliance already has more than 300 thousand signatures, which will be turned into Kaohsiung election authorities on December 26th, a petition against Han Kuo-yu.

The group hopes to have a second batch of 300 thousand ready to submit by early next year and if the signatures are all accepted, a recall vote could be held in April or May.


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