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Jade Mountain officials in Taiwan are reminding visitors not to litter or face fines

There has been a lot of criticism for an unknown visitor to the national park who scattered ghost money. Officials of the Jade Mountain say visitors need to protect the environment.

Park goers are welcome to bring whatever they want inside, as long as it does not negatively impact other visitors and to the environment, according to the officials.

If anything that damages the park, like fireworks, firecrackers, incense or burning ghost money, is strictly prohibited in the park. Do not leave any garbage in the mountain, instead bring them with when going down.

Anyone found doing will be fined in accordance with national park protection laws.

Jade mountain or Yushan is the highest mountain at 3,952 m above sea level. Yushan area is rich in wildlife, with a range of rare flora and fauna. Snow is also in the mountain when winter season hits Taiwan.


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