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LOOK: Can't tell if a Hair Dryer or a XXXL Bluetooth Airpod?

The Apple Bluetooth headset "AirPods Pro" was launched in almost 25 countries including the United States and Japan at the end of October, and was listed in Taiwan on early December. 

However, some netizens posted a photo of "Super Giant AirPods" recently from Reddit:

Netizens claimed that the XXXXL sized airpod looks like a hair dryer. Some says it is called a "Apple Hairdryer" while someone says it ia "a special single-ear Bluetooth headset for Hulk".

The AirPods, which was originally bigger than the palm. Netizens exaggeratedly claimed that is a "three-dimensional surround sound hair dryer".

But this is actually a Bluetooth speaker with a concept of a shower bead made by foreign netizens using 3D printing. The speaker has more than 20 hours of music playback.

This piece of bluetooth speaker is indeed an art.


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